Mold design for moldmakers
Unscrewing and Multi-Action Molds design
Mold Design

Mold Design

The seasoned mold makers and industrial designers at Topmolders Engineering have an unwavering commitment to meeting the design needs of our customers; we will work outside traditional business hours if required to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget.

You no longer have to worry about when you can get to starting a layout because your engineering team is busily building the current mold, resulting in cost overruns and tardy deliveries.

Topmolders designs each mold from the point of view of a Journeyman Mold Maker who has the shop experience in all the areas of modern mold making.

Topmolders has extensive experience building and assembling many different types of molds, which give us the advantage of designing easy-to-build and assemble components.

*Injection Molds design
*Compression Molds design
*Transfer Molds design
*Injection/Compression Molds design
*Stack Molds design
*Hot Runner Molds design
*Cold Runner Molds design
*Unscrewing and Multi-Action Molds design
*Prototype Molds for all materials and processes

Give us the opportunity to quote your next Mold design project and we guarantee that you'll be pleasantly surprised.